So it’s been a busy time, I can only apologies for my absence yet again.

But it’s been very productive too.


So, we have just completed a Kickstarter called Shallow Creek where we have created a fictitious town and population of said town and writers were tasked with coming up with stories with the prompts we gave to them when signing up to the competition. We were also able to hit all of our stretch goals – so the anthology brilliant as it is with 18 writers will now boast Richard Thomas, Sarah Lotz and Aliya Whiteley. That’s 21 short stories in what is a great horror and speculative fiction anthology, which will be going to print in February. We are currently finalising the cover and additional illustrations. For more about Shallow Creek do check out our post on our site here.


I was able to get my short story Toilet Trauma into Schlock! Webzine and it was so well received that it made it into their quarterly print publication. It’s a story that has been eighteen years in the making as I originally wrote it when I was in 6th Form, but after discovering it again and dusting it off (with a pestering sister asking ‘what did you ever do with that story about the toilet) – being a better writer now I thought I’d give it another shot and well, I’ve so very excited it is out there in the world! You can get a copy of the printed publication here.


My short story A Time For Everything was also picked up by Soft Cartel and published recently. I enjoyed this one and I hope you do to. It is the quest for answers as our protagonist has to come to terms with and deal with his own mortality. Thanks to Soft Cartel for seeing its potential – you can read it here.


I’ve been keeping busy recently with my new WIP called (working title) Juniper. It’s going to be a collection of three interconnected novellas – I’m currently nearing the end of the first novella and I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed working in the longer form as it gives so much scope for more detailed work – but I am not kidding myself, it’s going to need some harsh editing and re-drafts but I have to say that I am delighted with how it is going at the moment. With any luck and some good writing days coming up over the Christmas break I may have the first novella in the bag either by the end of December or end of January 2019. So watch this space.


STORGY Kids was launched this year and what a year it has had, we’ve been making waves in the children’s fiction realms and have attracted great support from authors, publishers, schools, teachers and readers of children’s literature. We have been publishing exclusive short stories, book reviews and author / illustrator interviews. It’s such a unique site and we feel that this is only the beginning for a service which offers a safe and welcoming environment for all children and parents to enjoy with new content added weekly. Thanks goes to Daniel Soule my partner in crime and all our reviewers and supporters…keep reading it’s good for you!

As a writer I am not funded by any means so if you like what you are reading and want to help in anyway, please purchase me a coffee using the button below. It’s these small acts of kindness that help me stay creative and on course! Thank you!

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