Juniper – I’ve been busy…

Hello people,

I hope you are all well? I firstly wanted to apologise for my absence. When I started my website I was determined not to fall into the usual routine of forgetting about it, for letting it dwindle and grow old and stale. I have unfortunately let it do just this very thing…but I have a good reason behind it. Let me tell you what that is.

I’ve been busy working on a very large and exciting project. Juniper. It was the seed of a story which I thought may make a rather interesting short story (we all know I am a fan of those!). But the more I worked on the idea, the more it manifested into a whole world, a whole community of people, that just needed to have their stories told. And tell them I have.

So, I’ve completed the first book (quite possibly you could call it a novella) it’s had a few drafts and I am now very excited about a more in-depth edit taking place to get the book up to the standards that it deserves. It’s had a few beta readers and the feedback has been very exciting, with ‘The Mind Flayer’ saying…

‘Juniper reads like a young Stephen King’

Juniper is a story of hope, a story of survival, a story that rocks the lives of all those entwined within the suffocating tendrils of the town of Juniper.

I have to say that this whole process has been a huge learning curve for me, I’ve been writing short stories now for longer than I can remember, and stepping up into the novel / novella format was a scary proposition for me. But one that I have grabbed with both hands. and in doing so, I feel it has made me a better writer, as I firmly believe that you only get better at something by actually doing it, and stepping out of your comfort zone…and I do feel that I’ve created something quite special with Juniper and weaved a very deep, tender and uncanny story that will move people.

Since finishing Juniper, I have been busy working on book two. This one is set in the same fictional town of Juniper but happens twelve years or so before the first book, and is set in Juniper Correctional. As I’ve said, it’s been a huge undertaking, and something that I have very much enjoyed working on – the fictional town, characters and timelines. We learn about the characters in the first book, and discover the many incidents that moulded them into the characters we’ve come to know, love and despise in the first book – whilst also exploring some very dark goings on and new characters in this shady little town. I’m really excited about this one, as the first is more of a psychological horror, this one is more traditional horror / suspense – and I’m enjoying writing with the shackles of word counts off – this one is currently looking to be a bigger book that Juniper…which is as exciting as it is scary!

The final piece of the puzzle is the third book – which I have already planned. The third book is set 16 years after the original Juniper (book one) where we follow the life of a young girl who is mentioned fleetingly in the first book but who is now a teenager. This one has more of a supernatural / freakish vibe to it and will conclude the trilogy of books – the fact I am even using the word trilogy just floored me, the fact that I’ve planned and almost written two of this said trilogy is remarkable – something that I never thought I’d say. But it’s thrilling nonetheless!

I just need to knuckle down and get these finished and then work on the way in which I’ll get these stories into the hands of the readers!

So, that’s where I’ve been. Visiting the town of Juniper…so please forgive me. But hopefully soon you will be able to join me, in the town that was built on secrets!

I’ll try to keep this site more up-to-date – but Juniper is a big place…all consuming, I hope to see you soon!

(Cover image is just an idea of what Juniper book one may look like – I prefer to work on projects with a face, so thought I’d dabble and get something to keep me inspired!)

As a writer I am not funded by any means so if you like what you are reading and want to help in anyway, please purchase me a coffee using the button below. It’s these small acts of kindness that help me stay creative and on course! Thank you!

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