More news on the horizon is that I’ve got three stories scheduled for publication in a brilliant risk taking anthology, which currently has a working title of Lost Voices.

When writing weird and damn right peculiar fiction, it can sometimes be quite hard to find a home for it, for publishers / literature magazines to take a chance on something that many might not understand or, as the case for some of my work, has been too out there for many. Being labelled ‘too weird for weird fiction anthologies (whilst though being praise as being wonderfully written and a great story).

The struggles are real people. But that struggle might be nearing an end…not just for me, but quite possibly with additional anthologies in the future – for the rejects and the freaks out there too!

I am working on this anthology with, in my regard, some of the best voices in weird fiction. Those phenomenal writers include Joseph Sale, Christa Wojciechowski and Emily Harrison – all pretty spectacular writers in their own right, but we’d clubbed together and are each offering short stories or flash fiction to this Lost Voices Anthology – which will be bringing the weird, uncanny and deranged to your door shortly.

My offerings to this insane mix are Blue Room, Dump and Pareidolia – all previously unpublished and brand spanking new – if you like my writing, these are all quite different, traversing genres and each told with my usual huge slice of weird…

Pareidolia is an untold tale from Shallow Creek – the brilliant anthology published by STORGY Books which is available here – as I helped produce Shallow Creek I wasn’t able to write a story for inclusion, but in the darkness of my study, I gave birth to this little tale of the macabre…so if you’re fans of the Creek, this one will be something you’ll need to try – if you’ve not discovered Shallow Creek yet…what have you been doing…get it now! But that’s not it, Joseph Sale has also written and included an untold tale from Shallow Creek too – so expect some crazy stuff!

More details to follow…

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