Published Author? What the Heck…

So, it struck me today that as well as having numerous short fiction available online from various online magazines – I’m also an author who’s been published in three printed publications!

It really is amazing.

Small fry I know.

But wow.

A published author. Humbled doesn’t really cover it…it blows my tiny mind. I’ve been working hard this year with my biggest projects to date – the Juniper Trilogy – writing till my fingers hurt and sitting my ass in the chair even if I don’t want to. And it’s paid off, I feel that I’m hitting my stride and things are developing nicely. But more on that later.

Back to my published works, if you’ve enjoyed my work online, have taken the trip down the rabbit warren of the interweb and have ended up here, if you’ve actively found me out…why not check out my stories in publications below – purchase one, and support independent publishing and of course give me that warm fuzzy feeling!


So, my short story ‘Daylight Breaks Through‘ is published in the quite fabulous Exit Earth Anthology from STORGY Books – the fact it’s in here, brushing shoulders with writers I’ve admired for some time (M.R. Carey, James Miller, Toby Litt and Courttia Newland) is quite remarkable. My story deals with the wall and when I say that, you know exactly what I mean – and follows one mans journey to overcome the prison he’s been trapped in, taking the bold choice to find a way out! You can find out more about the Exit Earth Anthology and also pick up a copy of here…if that tickles your tastebuds (available in both gorgeous paperback and digital book)!


My short story ‘Bethesda‘ is in the fabulous Project 13 Dark – Issue 1. I was delighted that it’s also the first story of a brand new offering of the strange and eerie – which means a lot as it was picked to launch the who series (issue 2 is also now available). My story focuses on someone observing a man and his son, watching the drama unfold, when things take a turn for the worse – we soon find out that things are not quite as they seem. This is an ongoing series of collections and you can get a copy of Dead Voices here.


My other story ‘Toilet Trauma‘ was published by Schlock Quarterly – originally published online, but due to the response to the piece it was chosen as one of their standout stories of Autumn 2018 – and ended up being included in their print publication. It’s amazing to see it in print as it was a story I had written so long ago, a story I had forgotten about until my sister asked me a year or so ago ‘What did you do with that creepy story about the toilet?‘ – well a few drafts later and having developed my craft a lot over the years. I polished that turd up into the awesome piece of bizzaro fiction it is. It’s me writing with the shackles off – it’s gross but you’ll love it! You can pick up a copy here. I also share the pages with Tomas Marcantonio (who I also share publication in Exit Earth) who’s story is fabulously engrossing – a writer whom big things are expected soon!


What’s Next?


So, it’s been a busy year and if you’ve read my previous posts you will also see that I’ve some exciting projects coming up – the anthology Lost Voices will contain three new short stories from me. Then I also have my novella ‘Juniper’ which I am hoping by the end of the year will be working its way into the world – I’m currently also working on book two which is turning out to be more novel in size so with that we are seeing how it goes but could be released in 2020…it’s exciting and I’m glad I’ve managed to snare some of you in for the ride!

Thank you…


As a writer I am not funded by any means so if you like what you are reading and want to help in anyway, please purchase me a coffee using the button below. It’s these small acts of kindness that help me stay creative and on course! Thank you!

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