Praise & Publicity


I had the pleasure of being interviewed about ‘Bethesda‘ by the supremely talented and creative genius Christa Wojciechowski the author of the Sick Trilogy. In this interview I open up about my writing life, how and where the idea for Bethesda came from and my ongoing work at STORGY Magazine.

You can read the interview here which is part of her Project 13 Dark interviews.

 I’d also highly recommend you check out her trilogy that explores the darker side of life, you can learn more about the series here.



Daylight Breaks Through

Below is a screen grab from my Twitter feed which shows the fabulously talented author Roisín O’Donnell talking about my short story ‘Daylight Breaks Through’ which features in the Exit Earth Anthology which is available to purchase here.


I was blown away by getting this response from Roisín O’Donnell, since her awesome collection ‘Wild Quiet’ was one of my books of the year when it was released. Roisín writes in such a captivatingly, beautiful and heartfelt way and for her to say my work was both brilliant and terrifying was a joy to hear!


Toilet Trauma

This short story is being published shortly in Shlock Webzine – but early feedback from test readers was positive.

surreal, powerful and surprising’Joseph Sale

 ‘Toilet Trauma is an insanely good story that had us laughing and throwing up in our mouth simultaneously, which is very hard to accomplish so well‘ –Hinnom

Toilet Trauma is a story I wrote when I was at 6th Form, many moons ago. I left it in a box and recently discovered it after my sister asked ‘What did you do with that strange story about a toilet?‘.

So, I found it in a notebook and after spending quite a bit of time developing my craft since I first wrote it, I redrafted a bunch of times and sent it to a journal – lets see what happens!

This will be coming soon, along with other cool stuff like interviews and press reviews of my works…

After He’s Gone


This was a story I was struggling to find a home for, using conventional publications and zines – I think this may have had something to do with subject matter. I then emailed it to the lovely people at About Magazine TX who immediately jumped at the chance to publish it. Since its publication I have had some lovely comments about it.

Rather lovely. You can really feel the grief and the full range of emotions – Jess Doyle

You can read it here.