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Below are a list of my published works and where to find them, I hope to be adding to this as my stories find their way to publications far and wide, if you like any of my works I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you! Also if you have read any of my work and would like to collaborate please do send me a message…


Bethesda‘ was the first story that I wrote when I came out of my seven year writing gap, the story is based on beach at Bournemouth where I have been many times with my family as my wife originally comes from this neck of the woods. I wanted to write a story about struggles, a piece of observation, but I also wanted to breathe some new life into one of my favourite bible stories – The Pool of Bethesda.

I find the bible so rich in material that I try to when possible to include small pieces of it in all that I write. This story is special to me, firstly it proved that I could write, secondly it also touched the person that published it Joseph Sale…if thats what I can do with my words, then let me write on.

I was also lucky enough to have Shawn Langley illustrate a scene from my story (middle picture above) which was pretty awesome.

You can purchase a copy of Dark Voices here

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Daylight Breaks Through


Daylight Breaks Through features in the Exit Earth Anthology – a short story that Roisín O’Donnell (Author of Wild Quiet) calls ‘Brilliant and Terrifying‘ – a dystopian nightmare about boarder control.

Review of Daylight Breaks Through from Matt Brandenburg.

In Ross Jeffery’s Daylight Breaks Through we are faced with the aftermath of the promised Wall. You know the one, the big one that will separate the United States from Mexico. No one can go over it, the drones and soldiers see to that, leaving bloody reminders of what will happen if you try. So, the ones sent back to their country decide the best answer is to go under. Some go for freedom, the safety of a better country, while others go for medicine. Jeffery puts us right in the dirt, you can hear every shovel, feel the lack of air, the lack of water, the tension of a collapse or being found.
Daylight Breaks Through is a well paced taut story of one man trying to do his best to get the help his mother needs. Everyone is on edge, worried about the world around them, not sure who to trust as hundreds dig their way to freedom. It’s a genius story that works perfectly for what we have heard on the news or read on Twitter. We have to question who is actually free in this story, those in Mexico or those in the US? People are tagged and scanned, every movement logged. Everything ramps up the further they make it to the wall, until we as the reader believe the man is going to break the surface and be able to save his mother.
The stress this story brings is perfect for white knuckle reading. By the time we get to the end we are praying for sunlight as much as the characters are. But, be ready, because not all is as it seems. If you are searching for a dirty look into what men do to be free, you can stop here, because this is it.

You can read more of Matthew Brandenburg‘s reviews here including his in-depth review of EXIT EARTH.

About the EXIT EARTH Anthology

EXIT EARTH explores all life – past, present, or future – on, or off – this beautiful, yet fragile, world of ours. Final embraces beneath a sky of flames. Tears of joy aboard a sinking ship. Laughter in a lonely land. Dystopian or utopian, realist or fantasy, horror or sci-fi, EXIT EARTH is yours to conquer.

EXIT EARTH includes the short fiction of all fourteen finalists from the STORGY EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition, as judged by critically acclaimed author Diane Cook (Man vs. Nature). EXIT EARTH EXTRA contains additional stories by award winning authors M R Cary (The Girl With All The Gifts), Toby Litt (Corpsing), James Miller (Lost Boys), Courttia Newland (A Book of Blues), and David James Poissant (The Heaven of Animals), in addition to stories by Tomek Dzido, Ross Jeffery, Alice Kouzmenko, Tabitha Potts, and Anthony Self. With exclusive artwork by Amie Dearlove, HarlotVonCharlotte, CrapPanther, and cover design by Rob Pearce.

Find out what all the fuss is about and purchase a copy here.


Graphic from Idle Ink website – Idle Ink

Judgements was a story I wrote whilst on jury service, the long days waiting for something to happen, to decide whether someone was guilty or innocent. I had a lot of time on my hands and well I was armed with a pad and a pen so what else was I to do.

You can read Judgements here.

Rapping at my Chamber Door


Rapping at my Chamber Door was shortlisted for the STORGY Halloween competition written under a pseudonym. I was delighted to return back to horror after spending some time away from that field of work. Heavily influenced by the works of Poe I really did enjoy writing this short story.

You can read Rapping at my Chamber Door here.


After He’s Gone

After He’s Gone is my first experiment with flash fiction and I was pleased that I managed to find it the right home with About Magazine TX – when the editors read the story they immediately got in contact with me to publish it. This was an amazing feeling as I didn’t know what to expect or the response would be with me writing a story about LGBTQ+ issues whilst not being LGBTQ+ – but the editors response and the response I have had since it was published was a joy to behold!

You can read After He’s Gone here.


A Time For Everything

A Time For Everything was recently published by Soft Cartel a great online magazine who I’ve very much enjoyed discovering and also reading each month. This story is very insular in its tone and style and delves deep into the mind of someone who is faced with their own mortality. So happy it found a place with such a great magazine.

You can read A Time For Everything here.


Toilet Trauma

I was delighted to get one of my favourite pieces and a passion project eighteen years in the making Toilet Trauma – into Schlock! Webzine – it was so well received that it actually made it into their quarterly print publication, which is terrific and available here.



101 Fiction (Twitter @101Fiction) hold a monthly submission period and each month they have a different writing prompt – my story was based upon the theme ‘Maps’. It’s a gloriously brilliant idea for flash and the writer is tasked with coming up with a story (including title 101 words) that fits around the theme and designated word count. So, my story Treasure was accepted and published…check it out here!



My short story Tethered was accepted for publication in the quite fabulous Ellipsis Zine and you can read it here – some of the early feedback has been promising for a genre I am just starting to write a bit more in (flash fiction) with Alva Holland saying that ‘Ross Jeffery slices into your soul with this poignant tale’ and Adam Lock ‘Tethered is filled with raw emotion’ and The Book Spine syaing ‘Tethered by Ross Jeffery is a tense and touching short story’ – so please take a look and I hope you enjoy!


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