New Short Story & Other News

So, I've been rather busy of late with the ongoing work on my trilogy of books which we shall now be calling the Juniper Trilogy. It's been all consuming I'm not going to lie, and would I change anything...not one bit! The first novel is done, it's just going through a line-by-line edit as I … Continue reading New Short Story & Other News



More news on the horizon is that I've got three stories scheduled for publication in a brilliant risk taking anthology, which currently has a working title of Lost Voices. When writing weird and damn right peculiar fiction, it can sometimes be quite hard to find a home for it, for publishers / literature magazines to … Continue reading ANTHOLOGY NEWS: Lost Voices


I'm sitting in a sterile room. On a cold metallic bed. I’d not thought about putting on any pants this morning, before the ambulance arrived to take me away. So, beneath the hospital gown my balls nestle on the cold steal, my penis shrivelled to the size of a chipolata due to the cold. A … Continue reading SHORT FICTION – Rag Doll


So it's been a busy time, I can only apologies for my absence yet again. But it's been very productive too. SHALLOW CREEK So, we have just completed a Kickstarter called Shallow Creek where we have created a fictitious town and population of said town and writers were tasked with coming up with stories with … Continue reading BUSY BUSY BUSY!

‘Woman’ – A new Short / Flash story!

So yesterday I started work again on one of my short stories, well it probably fits better under the category of Flash Fiction as it's a shade over 1000 words but then again it could grow or decrease depending on my editing of the project. It's part of a trilogy of short stories I am … Continue reading ‘Woman’ – A new Short / Flash story!

Busy Times…

So it's been rather busy recently for STORGY Magazine and I have to say that my own blog has suffered due to if you are following I can only apologise - but I can't really complain about it! Shallow Creek has been generating so much hype that it has consumed all that we are … Continue reading Busy Times…