I’m sitting in a sterile room. On a cold metallic bed. I’d not thought about putting on any pants this morning, before the ambulance arrived to take me away. So, beneath the hospital gown my balls nestle on the cold steal, my penis shrivelled to the size of a chipolata due to the cold. A small puddle of bodily fluids; which may, or may not have traces of anal gravy in it has appeared whilst I’ve been waiting patiently for the nurse to return.

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As I sat here, not moving on the floor. I’d found it. It had taken me days, weeks, maybe even months to locate it again. I first saw it wiggling below the surface of my hand, it seemed to move slowly and methodically up towards my wrist. At first I thought it was a vein jostling for position between the sinews that surrounded it.

You can read the full short story here.

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